February 24, 2013

Hi Team SGPH!

First and foremost, a big thank you to Prestige Philippines for bringing Selena Gomez’s Debut Fragrance here in the Philippines, contacting us, SGPH, to be a part of the launch, and for the free vials and perfume bottles to be given away.

A big thanks also to the few who went to the fragrance launch earlier. We know it’s not what you might’ve expected it to be. You might have pictured it to be an event with programs and a lot of activities just like other events. For your information, SGPH and Prestige had a lot of preparations for the event and it was supposed to be on another venue last 16th of Feb when the fragrance was officially released to the public, but because of certain reasons, it was moved today in Robinsons Manila as part of their beauty fair, and so we were given a booth to officially launch the perfume.

To be quite frank, we were a bit disappointed because 82 people confirmed to attend the launch and only a number went. Imagine if we pushed through with the event last 16th of Feb with programs and all and only 20 people went. How will our team face other organizations such as Astroplus/Odyssey/MCA, when launching events with regards to Selena with only a few people attending? We know we announced the launch at the last minute but you guys should have not clicked attending if you were not sure because we were really expecting a lot of people to come. We are NOT BLAMING anyone here, we were just really expecting people to come because you guys committed by clicking ‘attending/going’. Anyway, we hope for MORE PEOPLE to come to the next event. *wink* *wink* *guess what* *wink* *wink*

As for those who attended earlier, a big thanks for coming. If you didn’t know, there was a raffle and vials (samples) were given away aside from the game we had. Walk-ins or those who didn’t know that there was a launch even got the chance to get free vials. It was all in the booth where people register. There was also a sign up sheet for those who wanted to be official members. If you weren’t able to sign-up, we would be posting an online registration form by next week. Anyway, if only we were a lot earlier, we could’ve done a lot more things. I was actually looking for you guys earlier to talk and stuff when the event proper ended but I noticed that you guys already left. Nonetheless, thank you for coming and for supporting our team. We really hope that you guys had fun during our event. This is just the start guys! 🙂

We have a lot more things to announce so stay tuned and check out our all new website selenagomez.ph or our facebook page once in a while!

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