Spring Breakers


Childhood friends Faith, Brit, Candy, and Cotty plan to go on a spring break vacation, but don’t have enough money. Brit and Candy then rob a fast-food restaurant using hammers and water pistols, with Cotty as the getaway driver. Faith is taken aback by Brit and Candy’s actions, but overlooks their crimes, and they travel to Florida.

During a party, they meet Alien, a rapper who later bails them out of jail when they’re arrested during another Spring Break party. Faith becomes uncomfortable with Alien’s surrounding and lifestyle, and decides to leave after learning he’s a drug dealer. Brit, Candy and Cotty return to Alien’s apartment, where Brit and Candy hook up with Alien and start to build a relationship with him, while Cotty sleeps in the next room.

Alien takes the trio to a strip club, where he runs into his rival Big Arch, who tells Alien to stop selling drugs in his territory. Alien ignores him and continues selling drugs, as well as robbing spring breakers with the girls’ help. In retaliation, Big Arch executes a drive-by shooting against Alien’s car. After being shot in the arm, Cotty decides to leave as well, while Alien, Brit, and Candy decide to take revenge on Big Arch. They go to his waterfront mansion in Alien’s boat, but are spotted by Big Arch’s men, who kills Alien before being killed by the girls.

Brit and Candy kill Big Arch and his men, leaving their signature masks in the water by the dock. The girls kiss Alien’s dead body and then they leave Florida in Big Arch’s Lamborghini.

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