Selena Gomez Breaks Down Tracks Of July 23 Album

As if Selena Gomez couldn’t say it enough, she’s showing off her brand-new confidence these days. But there was one thing she was holding back: the release date of Stars Dance. However, on Monday (June 3), the “Come & Get It” singer announced the newest LP will come out July 23.

Gomez held a hour-long livestream, where she answered questions from fans, talked about her Stars Dance Tour and unveiled her album artwork. In a shiny headdress, Selena looks directly at us on the black and white cover.

She went in depth about her 10 new songs on the album. For the first time ever, she played “Slow Down,” which will be available at 9 p.m. PT along with the album pre-order on iTunes. She’ll be performing all the songs onstage during her Stars Dance Tour, where Emblem3 will open. Check out the new songs below!

»“Birthday” — Selena said that this was the first song she recorded, so naturally, it lands first on the record. It’s also ironic, since the album will drop a day after her 21st birthday. The song will have a Gwen Stefani, “Hollaback Girl” feel.

»“Slow Down” — She’ll take what she learned from Skrillex in “Spring Breakers” and flaunted her new love for dubstep.

»“Stars Dance” — “It’s actually kind of sensual in a way, in a really beautiful way. It has a very soft feel,” she said, revealing some of the lyrics, “I can make the stars dance.”

»“Like a Champion” — Because Gomez gets to travel a lot, she wanted to share an island vibe with her fans: “I wanted a Spanish vibe, but a little bit of a reggae style. It’ll make you feel like you want to go to Jamaica or South America.”

»“Come & Get It” — We already know about this song, but she still talked a little bit about the album’s first single. “It was a totally different vibe for me — the tribalness,” she said. “I got to learn about that culture.”

»“Forget Forever” — “That is like my anthem,” she said. “It’s a beautiful love anthem. It’s forgetting all the troubles, about the past, just enjoying everything else. That’s my anthem for sure.”

»“Save the Day” — “It has a Spanish guitar feel. I’m Latin, so I kind of love that vibe, Do you ever have moments where you don’t ever want them to end? I’ve had those moments. It’s about saving those moments and never wanting it to go away.”

»“Beat” — Gomez admitted she loves “urban music,” especially Drake and Rihanna, so she really wanted to make this song all about the beat. “The song is cool and the lyrics are great, but it was more, ‘I can’t wait to perform this song onstage because I love the way I feel when I hear this song.’ It’s just dope,” she said.

»“Write Your Name” — “There’s this feeling that every girl gets when you’re falling in love or you think you’re falling in love. That’s what this song is about,” Selena said.

»“Undercover” — Even though she said her favorite tracks off the album change every day, “Undercover” is her favorite. “I’ve never had the confidence to do different licks and melody changes. I messed up a lot [while recording] that one.”

»“Love Will Remember” — Rock Mafia did the production on this song, along with others on the album, “There are moments you want answers but you’re glad you’ve experienced them… At the end of the day, love will remember.”


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