Meet the Producers and Song Writers of Selena’s new album “Stars Dance”


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  • Writers: Crest Russo, Mike Del Rioand and Jacob Kasher Hindlin
  • Producer: Mike Del Rio
  • About the song: “It was one of the first songs I recorded and it is unlike any other music I’ve ever done. And this is one of the reasons it was the first one on the album, because I want you [fans] to hear and immediately think ‘Ok, what was that?’. This might be a good or bad thing, but I like this song!” —Selena

Slow Down

  • Writers: Lindy Robbins, Julia Michaels, Niles Hollowell-Dhar, David Kuncio and Freddy Wexler
  • Producer: The Cataracs
  • About the song: ”This song was produced by The Cataracs, who did many things with Dev, who I’m a fan of. I really wanted to work with them. It’s a really fun song, the beats change throughout it means creating a vibe … it becomes agitated and then a little calmer. The song reflects on slow that moment.” —Selena

Stars Dance

  • Writers: Antonina Armato, Tim James and Adam Schmalholz
  • Producer: Rock Mafia
  • About the song: It’s a very beautiful song, but it’s kinda sexy somehow … In a very beautiful way. It is a bit softer and still exudes confidence. I will say this, and maybe I’ll get into trouble, but a part of the lyrics is ‘I can make the stars dance’. And for me, that’s a big statement because it is talking about the moment I’m living now. Wanting to be confident, able to vent it to you, and want you to have it.” —Selena

Like a Champion

  • Writers: Daniel James, Leah Haywood, Peter Thomas, Bebe Rexha, Mark Myrie and Leroy Sibbles
  • Producer: Dreamlab
  • About the song: “Being able to travel is one of my favorite parts of my job because I’m going to beautiful places, not necessarily to stay in places as much as I would like, but I have the chance to hear new music and sounds. And I went on tour to South America, which was unbelievable and beautiful, and I kind of felt a vibe there that I wanted to put on the album, but did not know how. And I heard this song called Like a Champion, and talked to the producers as I wanted it to be … Almost like a vibe in Spanish, but with a bit of reggae. So this song is very entertaining and will definitely make you feel like you want to go to Jamaica, or South America! At least that’s how I feel.” —Selena

Come & Get It

  • Writers: Ester Dean, MS Eriksen and TE Hermansen
  • Producer: StarGate
  • About the song: “This was the first single, and I think it was a perfect introduction to the rest of the CD. I think it was beautiful … A totally different vibe for me. And the choreography was also very beautiful and completely different from anything I had ever done.” —Selena

Forget Forever

  • Writers: Jason Evigan, Clarence Coffee Jr., Alexander Izquierdo, Jordan Johnson, Stefan Johnson and Marcus Lomax
  • Producers: The Monsters and the Strangerz
  • About the song: “This is like my anthem. It’s a beautiful song of love and is forget about all problems and the past, and enjoy the rest. This is my anthem for sure. And I hope you like it.” —Selena

Save The Day

  • Writers: Mitch Allan, Jason Evigan and Livvi Franc
  • Producers: Mitch Allan / Jason Evigan
  • About the song: “Again, I was on tour in South America and I played a part in a movie while I was there. And it inspired me! Had a vibe a little guitar and Spanish, which I like, obviously. I had already recorded songs in Spanish before and I’m Latin, so I love this feeling and this vibe. Then Save the Day has that feeling for me and the music is basically about … I do not know if you’ve had those moments where you never want them to finish, and you do not want the sun rises and you just want to live the moment forever. I had these moments and they were awesome, and it’s basically what’s Save the Day.” —Selena


  • Writers: Freddy Wexler, Jai Marlon and Heather Jeanette Miley
  • Producers: Jai Marlon ** / ** Freddy Wexler
  • About the song: “This song was really fun to record. I was inspired by various artists and how music is changing and evolving. I was inspired most in Urban … I totally love to hear some Drake, Rihanna and all that. And this song has a little bit of that feeling for me. I wanted a song that was more about the beat, which is why it is called BEAT And it’s really more about the beat, to be honest. The music is nice and the lyrics are great, but it’s more about ‘I can not wait to perform it on stage’ cause I love how I feel when I hear this song.” —Selena

Write Your Name

  • Writers: Daniel James, Leah Haywood and Arnthor Birgisson
  • Producers: Dreamlab
  • About the song: “There is this feeling, I would say that all girls experience, there’s that moment when you’re falling in love and this song represents that. It is as if this was all you thought about, all the time, and it is the best feeling in the world … You are lucky to experience it at least once. It’s a beautiful song. Basically it is to have that person, no matter what the name on your mind all the time. But also has a fun beat! “ —Selena


  • Writers: Lindy Robbins, Julia Michaels, Niles Hollowell-Dhar and Rome Ramirez
  • Producer: The Cataracs
  • About the song: “This is also definitely one of my favorites. Although changing everyday, as I hear the album more times. Undercover was also produced by The Cataracs and it was cool because we did a little something that I’ve never tried, in fact, I never had the confidence to make many changes in the melodies and with this song, I did very different things. It was cool and fun for me to do. It is also an upbeat song, I hope you like it.” —Selena

Love Will Remember

  • Writers: Antonina Armato, Desmond Child, David Jost and Tim James
  • Producer: Rock Mafia
  • About the song: “This song was also produced by Rock Mafia, and like I said, they basically saw me grow. And you know, there are times in your life that you are experienced and things you want answers and you never really know, but you’re happy to be experiencing all this. I never want to live with no regrets, and I do not want you to live with regrets. No matter if it is a family member, a best friend, a boyfriend, they come and go from your life, because that’s what happens to everyone. You never know because they are going or why, but at the end of the day, love will be remembered and that’s what matters.” —Selena

Nobody Does It Like You (Bonus Track)

  • Writers: Selena Gomez, Toby Gad and Lindy Robbins
  • Producer: Toby Gad
  • About the song: N/A

Music Feels Good (Bonus Track)

  • Writers: Selena Gomez, Leah Haywood, Daniel James and Jeremy Coleman
  • Producers: Dreamlab / J.MIKE
  • About the song: N/A

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