Selena Gomez Philippines is the first and official fansite and street team for Selena Gomez in the Philippines. They were first recognized by the late Mr. Wilson Cruz of MCA Music Philippines (Universal Music Group), Selena’s record label in the Philippines. Also, they have already partnered with two of the leading record stores in the country, Astroplus and Odyssey for events like releases, album launches, fan parties, etc. SGPH is also in contact with Spinnr Philippines, Wilbros Live - the promoter of the Revival Tour Manila 2016 and the cancelled Stars Dance Tour Manila 2012, Myx Philippines, Manila Concert Scene, Philippine Music Charts, ETC, MTV Philippines, and Philippine Concerts for her concerts and other important news regarding her music.

SGPH started around 2008 and was founded by both Anthonette & Roselle. After several months of becoming the most active and updated fansite in our country, we've been recognized by MCA (Universal Music Group) as the OFFICIAL Philippine Street Team of Selena Gomez along with Taylor Swift Philippines, Miley Cyrus Philippines, Katy Perry Philippines, Demi Lovato Philippines, Owl City Philippines, Justin Bieber Philippines and many more. SGPH officers are from all over the country to which is an easier way in distributing news about Selena and tasks for the upcoming events of the fanclub.

SGPH had helped organize events in partnership with Universal Music Group (record label in the Philippines), music record stores like Astroplus/Astrovision and Odyssey, Prestige Brands (former Philippine distributor of Selena Gomez Fragrance), ETC Philippines and different official Philippine street teams. Some of these events organized are Selena Gomez Fragrance Launch - Robinsons Place Ermita, B.E.A.T. - The Filipino Selenators' STARS DANCE Album Launch Party and Birthday Selena-bration - Odyssey Megamall, RISE: Selena Gomez Revival Album Launch - Astroplus SM Megamall, United Colors of Summer 2016 - SM North Edsa Skydome, Revival Tour Manila Kick-Off & Birthday + Grand Fans Day - Astroplus, Glorietta 2 and The Color Cloud 2016 - SM North Edsa Skydome.

During the Revival Tour Manila last 31st of July 2016, one of our officers Kirk Calangian had the chance to meet and talk to Selena during her pre-concert M&G. SGPH also gave Selena a gift a hand-sewn custom Philippine inspired denim jacket. Thus, Selena herself is aware of the team that unites all her Filipino fans and is recognized not only by her but also her team. SGPH has also been featured in TV Patrol for the recap of her concert and also in the January 2018 issue of MEG Magazine for contributing to their review of the Revival Tour in Manila. Up to now, Selena Gomez Philippines is still continuing in giving the most important updates as well as connecting together each and every FILIPINO SELENATORS in the whole Philippines.

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